Invasive Plant Workshop Materials

Spring Workshop Presentation (2021)
Summer Workshop Presentation (2021)
Fall Workshop Presentation – Introduction to Invasive Plants and Identification (2021)
Fall Workshop Presentation – Control of Invasive Plants (2021)
Additional Workshop Resources

References for Invasive Plant Information (2021)

Virginia Department of Forestry Invasive Plant Species Control Treatments (2018)

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation -The Natural Communities of Virginia

Virginia Invasive Plant List (2014)

Methods for Disposing Invasive Plants (2019)

California IPC Best Management Practices for Non-Chemical Weed Control (2021)

My Invasive Plants Are Under Control – What’s Next?

Encouraging and Planting Natives Following Invasive Plant Removal

Using Herbicides

Blue Ridge PRISM supports the safe and proper use of herbicides when they are necessary. Be cautious when using herbicides. Use the correct amount and the correct concentration at the correct time. Read the herbicide label carefully, follow label instructions, and use personal protective equipment (PPE). The label is the law. Learn more about herbicides from these publications.

Herbicide Basics -Blue Ridge PRISM

Controlling Invasive Plants Effectively and Safely with Herbicides -Blue Ridge PRISM

Do I Need to be Certified to Apply Pesticides in Virginia? -Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services

Forest Herbicide Characteristics -University of Florida | IFAS Extension

CDMS Label Database -search for an herbicide label by brand name or manufacturer OR often a quick online search of the brand name or manufacturer will generate the product label and SDS sheet