Seasonal Invasive Plant Workshops

Invasive plants are quickly overwhelming many properties by tearing down the forest canopy and overtaking native trees, shrubs, and ground cover. Understanding what invasive plants exist on the landscape and what it will take to control them can often feel overwhelming. Blue Ridge PRISM’s invasive plant workshops will enable you to learn how to confidently identify and manage invasive plants.

Photo by Irene Upshur

Our workshops are seasonally focused and content differs between workshops offered during the spring, summer, and fall. We offer both virtual workshops and in-person field sessions.

Topics covered in our workshops include:

  • Identifying invasive plants
  • Which invasive plants you can best control now
  • Which invasive plants should be controlled later
  • Best seasonal practices for each invasive plant
  • Using manual & mechanical control methods
  • Methods for for controlling invasive plants with herbicide
  • Choosing the right herbicide and equipment, and using them properly and safely
  • Planning a work schedule and best timings for multiple plants

Workshop Presentations and Resources

Fall Workshop Presentation -Introduction to Invasive Plants and Identification (2022)
Fall Workshop Presentation – Control of Invasive Plants (2022)
Additional Workshop Resources

References for Invasive Plant Information (2021)

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Blue Ridge PRISM Fact Sheets