Control costs using a contractor will depend on several factors including the type of invasive, terrain, and size of infestation. 

Blue Ridge PRISM has documented, among invasive plant control contractors operating in Virginia, a range of $400/acre – $800/acre for spot-spray herbicide treatment of herbaceous (e.g., Japanese stiltgrass, garlic mustard, ground ivy, etc.) and ground-level vines (e.g., Japanese honeysuckle, Asiatic bittersweet) in a forest setting.

Contractors in our Area

Below is a list of contractors that are available for hire in Blue Ridge PRISM’s 12-county area. Blue Ridge PRISM does not endorse nor accept responsibility for work negotiated between a listed contractor and a client. Always ask for a written estimate, proof of insurance, and a written contract.

If you are a contractor interested in being added to this list, please email

Contractor List -May 2021