Control costs using a contractor will depend on several factors including the type of invasive plant, terrain, size of infestation, and control method. 

Blue Ridge PRISM has documented, among invasive plant control contractors operating in Virginia, a range of $400/acre – $800/acre for spot-spray herbicide treatment of herbaceous (e.g., Japanese stiltgrass, garlic mustard, ground ivy, etc.) and ground-level vines (e.g., Japanese honeysuckle, Asiatic bittersweet) in a forest setting (survey completed in 2021).

Contractors in our Area

Blue Ridge PRISM has made available a list of contractors that are available for hire in Blue Ridge PRISM’s 12-county area. Blue Ridge PRISM does not endorse nor accept responsibility for work negotiated between a listed contractor and a client. Always ask for a written estimate, proof of insurance, and a written contract. Confirm your contractor is licensed to apply herbicide in Virginia by visiting the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Office of Pesticide Services website.

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