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Tools and Equipment

Many herbicide applicators can be purchased at your local farm or hardware store.

Refuse Fork – for pulling cut vines/branches
Washable Gauntlet Gloves – provides protection for lower arms from thorns etc
Herbicide Dauber (Buckthorn Blaster) – allows precise application to prevent damage to native plants
Diamond Hones – for sharpening pruner blades
PlayCleanGo Store – Boot Cleaner, Boot Brush Station, Buckthorn Blaster accessories

Weed Wrenches – Uprooter, Pullerbear, Extractigator

Herbicide Suppliers

Landscape Supply – 2424 Richmond Road, Charlottesville (Also located at Roanoke, Henrico, Chantilly, VA Beach, and Midlothian)

Southern States – Locations across the region

Rural King – Front Royal, VA

Do My Own – online

Keystone Pest Solutions (Northwest Crop Protection LLC) – online

Forestry Suppliers – online

Red River Specialties – online

CFC Farm and Home Center – Washington, VA

Rockingham Cooperative – Multiple locations in the region

Rockingham Cooperative ACE Hardware – Waynesboro, VA

Orange – Madison Cooperative – Orange, Madison, Louisa, and Charlottesville, VA

Blue Ridge Farmers Co-op – Charlottesville, VA

Lowe’sHome DepotTractor Supply Company – Locations across the region

Native Plants

A comprehensive guide is published by the Virginia Native Plant Society. Choose Natives also has a list that includes plants and seeds for purchase. Plant Virginia Natives has updated lists maintained by the regional native plant campaigns.

The Native Plant Trail At Blandy Experimental Farm

There are many annual plant sales where you can purchase native plants. Check out these organizations for more details:

Native Seed Suppliers

Ernst Seeds – Ernst Conservation Seeds supplies quality native plant seeds, naturalized plant seeds, seed mixes and bioengineering (live plant) materials.

Roundstone Native Seed Company – produce, clean and condition their seed, controlling quality so the seed is guaranteed to be viable and free of noxious weed seeds and impurities.

Pinelands Nursery & Supply – Pineland Nursery sells Mid Atlantic ecotype seed.