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Take Action

Report an invasive you see in your community either on your desktop or via your phone and the EDDMapS app. Citizen scientists are a vital part of the early detection and rapid response (EDRR) of invasive species being eyes on the ground to help monitor and identify new populations. Knowing the location of an invasive species is a critical part of planning for control and management. Reach out to PRISM if you would like help learning how to use the app.

Thinking of adding new plants to your landscaping? How about replacing that burning bush or barberry? Choose native plants for your home landscaping. Native plants are the foundation of our ecosystems that support wildlife, pollinators, and us humans too. Plant Virginia Natives can help get you started with planting guides tailored for your region and get you thinking about the right plants in the right place.  

Begin controlling invasive plants on your own property. Survey your property, identify invasive plants present, make a plan, treat and repeat. Check out our Fact Sheets for more information

Get your community involved. Talk to your neighbors, control invasive plants in common areas, host a work party, or volunteer in a local park to remove invasive plants.

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